Whether we live or work alone we often find social contact is too often a call to 'just check up' - and sometimes that is just too much of a nuisance.

Notchecking up separates out that unwelcome 'checking up', allowing social contact to remain just that.

Notcheckingup works by monitoring your phone or activity using a variety of techniques. But that monitoring is kept just to NotCheckingUp - no-one can find out what activity there has been and records are only kept for the minimum time required to maintain track of activity.

If NotcheckingUp spots a lack of activity it sends a message to a designated contact - Hopefully it will just nothing, but if you have been incapaciated and can't respond then they will be able to investigate further.


The way notcheckingup monitors activity depends on the application

Email activity - For those working from home

Smartphone activity - for independent workers, those with an adventure lifestyle and those leaving home for the first time

Our standalone smartphone app - specially designed for independent living

the notcheckingup system - for independent living where that little extra monitoring is required **coming soon**

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